The man behind it all


The company founder, Christoph Metzler, was born on 4th July 1959 in Zurich into the fourth generation of the organ building family Metzler. By founding his own firm he is treading new paths: he has been able to build on the values gained from three generations of organ building by continuing his training at home and abroad, reinterpreting these values and skills in his own style.

Christoph Metzler has specialised above all in the restoration of metal pipes and advising on organ climatic conditions. His further strengths lie in maintenance, renovation and surveys.

Sustainability is a matter close to Christoph Metzler’s heart, and not only during his work with organs. He is for this reason also initiator and co-founding member of “FSC – Schweiz”, (Forest Stewardship Council) the only worldwide valid label for social and environmentally friendly forestry.

For large contracts, DIE FLIEGENDEN REGISTER employs experienced outside qualified staff where necessary. This ensures that the necessary specialised knowledge is available for every aspect of the work.


Completion of the 4 year organ building apprenticeship with Hans Füglister in Grimisuat/VS.


Experience gained with:


Metzler organ builders in Dietikon

  Hillebrand organ builders in Altwarmbüchen (D)  

Flentrop organ builders in Zaandam (NL)
Organ restorations in St. Jan in s’Hertogenbosch and Alkmaar, Laurenskerk (Hagerbeer/Schnitger)
Study of many historic organs in the Netherlands, including some important Schnitger organs.



6 months’ travelling in a Jeep through the Amazon and in the Andes


Restoration and rebuilding of metal pipework at home and abroad for Kuhn organ builders in Männedorf, working amongst others on:


Klosterneuburg (A), former monastery


Rheinau (CH), former monastery


St. Urban (CH), restoration and reconstruction of the entire pipework of the Josef.-Bossard organ including pre-voicing and voicing work

Various presentations about metal pipe restoration and climatic conditions in organs in Oaxaca and Tlaxcala in Mexico at ISO congresses in Finland and in Switzerland.


Work with Claudio Rainolter on the restoration of the organ in São Vicente de Fora in Lisbon.




Building of the two manual organ for Gross (SZ)


Restoration of the metal pipes of the 1701 Arp Schnitger organ in Moreira da Maia/Porto for organ builder Georg Jann in Portugal


Restoration of a Portuguese house organ from 1734 and two further cabinet organs


Assisting Taylor and Boody in Staunton Virginia, USA, on the restoration of the two David Tannenberg organs (1798/1799) in Old Salem N.C. USA. (The 1799 David Tannenberg Organ is the oldest remaining two manual organ in the USA).


New two manual house organ for Hallau SH


Running of two ISO metal pipe restoration workshops in Staunton (Virginia) and
Bonn (D)


Assisting organ builders Eule in Bautzen (D) with the restoration of the Borgentreich organ


Setting up of the organ databank:


Setting up of the pipe workshop at Hannu Junttila, Sotkamo (SF), and training of his employees in the manufacture and restoration of metal pipes.