Metal pipe restoration


One of our core strengths is the specialist restoration and reconstruction of pipework in accordance with the most recent guidelines on historical preservation.

The famous front pipes of
the small Stellwagen organ in Lübeck, St Jakobi.
 Restored by Marcussen.


We gladly put our expertise and experience in metal pipework restoration at the disposal of organ building companies who need extra qualified employees or who do not have their own metal shop.

We thereby offer even small companies the possibility of taking on complex and difficult restoration and rebuild contracts, while at the same time satisfying the most stringent demands of metal pipe restoration.

16' front pipes from Borgentreich (D)


Mexico Oaxaca, Jalatlaco, San Matias
Restoration still pending


México Oaxaca, Jalatlaco, San Matias;
View inside the organ


“Famous organ with the damaged gallery”
Restoration still pending

View inside, “Mexican conditions”


Even the wind supply of the “famous organ with the damaged gallery” has remained complete.