Organ cleaning and overhaul


Cleaning and overhaul is carried out at intervals of 15 to 25 years, depending on use and the dirt in the instrument. During this process the organ receives a “general cleaning”, where all the pipes are removed. We repair faults which have occurred over time from wear and tear, and tune each individual pipe again at the end. The voicing is regulated within its existing framework. The organ retains its tonal character.

Cleaning and overhaul on the 1984 Metzler organ in the Zwinglikirche Zürich, carried out in 2006 by: DIE FLIEGENDEN REGISTER, Orgelbau Christoph Metzler.

Cleaning and overhauls of large mechanical, pneumatic and electric action instruments are carried out efficiently and on schedule by a reliable team of highly qualified organ builders. We will gladly provide a detailed offer with comprehensive information as a basis for your decision-making.

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Dismantling of the Great pipework.
A large gallery permits a well-organised working environment.
The dismantled Brustwerk.
When the upper boards have been removed from the soundboards, the slide movement is checked and altered if necessary.
The Metzler organ in the church.