Repair of damage to organs


Our strength lies in recognising damage to the instrument right away, halting any further damage, and quickly repairing the damage. A detailed analysis of the damage based on years of experience permits an efficient remedying and simplifies the communication between parish, insurance and the company carrying out the repairs.




Immediate on site record of damage


Making contact with the property administrator


Prevention of further damage


Making the site secure


Contacting the research institute EMPA Dübendorf if necessary


Writing up of a damage report


Contacting the insurance company


Contacting our fire and water damage specialists, the company BELFOR


Working out a joint plan of action


Discussion with the insurance company


Cleaning / repair of the organ


Repair to the Gross organ


After a large artificial flower arrangement in the Gross church caught fire, the whole organ had to be cleaned. In order to prevent corrosion to the metal pipes caused by dust from the fire, all the metal pipes were cleaned in a pipe bath with specialist cleaning products. We carried out this work together with the well-known firm “BELFOR – restorations”. (BELFOR is the leading company for damage restoration worldwide).





Asbestos removal


Are you unsure whether the blower cabinet in the organ is made using asbestos panels? We establish together with the EMPA (this is a Swiss materials science and technology research institution) whether the organ contains asbestos and if necessary help you to put this right as quickly as possible.

The EMPA advises in its scientific seminar on the subject “Asbestos – Danger recognised, danger averted?” on the dangers present today. In Switzerland practically all blower cabinets made from the 1950’s to the 1970’s had to contain asbestos panels for fire and sound insulation. This was compulsory.

For years now we have been aware of the danger. There is air turbulence in the blower cabinet caused by air intake, which then goes through the wind trunks to the pallet box and through the open pallets into the pipes and the church. Asbestos fibres can reach the church with the flow of wind through corners from the blower cabinet. As we all know, the effects of asbestos only become apparent years later. According to SUVA, it can be 15-45 years until asbestos exposure leads to the onset of illness. (SUVA) is an independent, non-profit company under public law. In 1918, SUVA opened its doors as the Swiss Accident Insurance Fund.)

The church authorities have a responsibility towards the church visitors and organists.

Is the blower cabinet in your organ made using cut asbestos panels?

Together with the EMPA, we help you to establish whether there is asbestos present. If so, we work together with an asbestos removal firm which removes the asbestos panels correctly. In order to carry this out, the blower box must be put below atmospheric pressure for a short time. In addition we clean the inside of the sound boards if necessary, in particular the leather on the pallets, where the asbestos fibres collect. Finally we fit the inside of the blower cabinet with new soundproofing material.

The EMPA writes as follows in its pamphlet “Asbestos problems?”

The light asbestos-containing panels mostly reveal a high percentage of “brown asbestos”. In this case it is “loosely bound” asbestos. There is particular danger with the incorrect removal of materials containing “loosely bound” asbestos.
The low stability of these sheets and the presence of “brown asbestos” mean that even insignificant mechanical pressures such as vibration or flow of air can release fine asbestos fibres from untreated panel surfaces.

Ask for an asbestos analysis from DIE FLIEGENDEN REGISTER